Friday, July 30, 2010

It Always Looks Bad In July....

...but look a little closer. After a three week road trip my heart was missing my garden and my head was filled with what I was going to do when I got home.

Calls home were filled with bad news...Mom-In-Law,"Oh, your garden looks terrible....I had Victor cut back all the vines around the edges and it looks a little better....but nooothing and I mean nuhhh-thing is are going to be so disappointed......blah, blah...the buuuugs are sucking everything dry and the buuhhgs...blah, blah, etc..." Me, "Well, we're having fun."

When I did see the garden, I was wondering if I accidentally planted Kudzu instead of Asian Long beans, and the weeds had grown as aggressively as every. Upon closer inspection I did learn that it was indeed long beans not it's Asian cousin. They have taken over it's corner of the garden and really isn't producing anything. I'll give it a little more time....but the melons!

Melons love heat. All of the melons are doing great. There are a few eggplants developing, and the peppers are producing like crazy. I have bells, pimentos, and chilies. Some pumkin vines are growing nicely and should produce pumpkins in time for fall.

Here is Tera holding a huge banana melon she grew.

Moon and stars watermelon.
If you look a little closer among the weeds you'll discover...another banana melon that's just about ready.
Satska's sweet melon.
Oriental Silver Line....
Here is what the inside of the banana melon looked like. I think we picked it a little early. All the flesh that was orange was sweet....In the back ground you can see a few figs that were left.
So I cut the orange part off and gave the rest to the chickens.
Very cool and very yum ....just like that.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Byron has transformed the little former "nursery" closet into my very own "Sewing/Craft Room". This amazing tiny space now organizes all my sewing, craft, garden, and hobby stuff. My Mother-In-Law always said I could fit New Orleans in Westwego! Really, it's amazing how much "junk" can be organized to fit in a small space with a little thought....and de-cluttering! The chair came from a salvage store that re-sells old hotel furniture. They have some really great stuff. I bought three very sturdy cafe chairs for $25.00 a piece. This is one of them.
Now I have a place to display all the vintage notions I have been collecting. The buttons and yellow yarn are from my Grandmother Tera's sewing box, the binding is from a bag of bias tape given to me by a friend, and the rest my daughter Seleste brought home from Grandma Rivero's house.
The boxes organize odds and ends, magazine holders organize: magazines, instruction manuals, and patterns. All of my reference books sit right at hand now.

My first repair was soon brought to me. I should have this Barbie skirt sewn up in no time Talia. That's a pic of Byron when we first were married playing his trumpet. By the way he's in California right now playing. Knock 'em out Baby.
There's plenty of handles and nooks for tucking all the cute things my girls make me. Including this bead bauble Talia made.
Baskets on shelves hold my yarn and fabric. Um, yes, I need to put the outlet covers on. Just noticed in this pic....and Byron needs to put the floor molding on.
A few titles...and I like 'em all...especially the SKIRTS! book. I've made several great skirts without a pattern since buying this book.
Seleste painted this awesome lacy owl.
The other side.
Now, excuse me....I'm going to make some knit skirts for my little girls for vacation!