Monday, December 7, 2009

Pergola Progress And The Garden

The pergola's taking shape! We still have to put the large cross rafters. See the notches Byron cut out to accommodate them? Next there will be a third layer on top of smaller boards. After that we will add a decorative lattice panel to the back with a circle aperture cutout, two bench swings and a round fire pit that will double as a coffee table in summer and spring. I can just see it now....
Cabbage seedling. The cabbages are sprouting. I plant mine a little later than the farmers here. There are already huge drum head cabbages for sale in the roadside stands.
Loose leaf lettuce mixture. This will provide us withs salad until late spring when temperatures first reach the 80's.
Beets have some of the most beautiful greenery. This variety is called Bull's Blood. When the root is cut you can see darker rings within. It's very pretty. I also thin them and use the thinnings in salad or in a "greens" recipe.
Some more of the beautiful lettuce growing in my garden. I am also still harvesting wax beans, purple hulls, peppers, egg plants, celery and miscellaneous herbs and seasonings. The carrots, Swiss chard, spinach, collards, Brussels sprouts, and turnips have sprouted as well.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

that look great love carmemcita

mckenna said...

yum,I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS!remember that when i come over;)