Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Raising Girls

I've always been told that my girls are self sufficient. Tera has always had extreme confidence and ability. When she was just a toddler, If I wasn't careful, positions were switched and she was directing the proceedings. I had to remind her that I was Mommy and made the decisions.

The end result is that she isn't afraid to tackle any situation. She has the skills (or at least believes she does) and the confidence to take on anything she decides is worthy of her time, such as the time she ran for student council Vice President in fifth grade. She didn't win, but gave those eighth graders a good race.

This picture is of the beautiful (and delicious!) loaf of bread she made using a cookbook with minimal input from me. I did help with learning to judge what temp the water should be to activate the yeast without using a thermometer. I just love the joyful smile on her face.

Raising these girls isn't easy, and I know with the teenage years ahead I have bigger and new challenges to face. Looking at Tera I realize it won't be long until she will be venturing into a broader, busier, and more dangerous world. Each day and each accomplishment gives me confidence that she's grounded and will be ready to take on the shakey and shifty landscape that makes up our society.

Sometimes I've had to stand against naysayers who insisted I was "too hard" or "silly" or "insisting on the unnecessary". Happily I can report that those naysayers are now complimenting me on "how well" my children are turning out. It certainly surprises me as to how little it takes to make a child stand out in a society where the bar is ever lowering. I'm not saying that to take away from my children's accomplishments. It's just that the simple act of behaving responsibly tags you for accolades. It seems to me that all of our children should be raised in such a manner.

I'm trying to raise my children in a time proven manner. My children are not up for experimentation. Church attendance is a priority in our home. A Biblical moral foundation of selflessness, hard work and balance is imperative to finding contentment or happiness, and I want to be sure my children can find both no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

A quick way to become disillusioned is to have complete faith and hope in a social agenda, political belief, money, or any man. The simple fact that they are human and are supported by humanity make them flawed and subject to failure. I teach my girls to trust in God exclusively and check their hearts daily. Because even your heart can deceive you. The only way to follow is the tried, proven and successful path. Sadly now it seems to be the road less traveled.


Tipper said...

Congrats on your great parenting-and for a beautiful daughter!!

Betsy said...

Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.....just kidding, I am sure eventually we will be able to see promise in your youngest child.....
I truly love them all....most of the time....hehe

Aunt Betsy

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Hee i agree sister betsy great job sister kristi i love them my sweet girls

Pony and Petey said...

AWESOME post!!!

Melba said...

That young lady is something else. One time, while I was bike riding, she came over and straightened my entire house (in about one hour). I didn't even ask her to do that. She could organize and command an entire army. I assure you!