Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Crop of Heirloom Tomatoes

Finally....I'm picking heirloom tomatoes!
The first two varieties to ripen were Egg Yolk and Red Strawberry.
So a taste test as promised from an amateur! First thing I noticed was that the Red Strawberry tomato was extremely meaty and there were no slimy seeds or juice sliding out. Just very juicy meat. It was sweet but a little acidic....over all....very yummy! A true fresh from the garden taste.
The Egg Yolk is just as it's name promises...yellow and the size of an egg yolk. So, I just popped one in my mouth and chomped down......very very yummy. It was still warm from the garden and fresh and sweet tasting. I didn't notice any acidic flavor.
Both were dynamite. Everything I hoped they would be. I did notice that the Red Strawberry was very soft to the touch, and I couldn't imagine it lasting any amount of time in transit. So this is certainly a tomato you would have to grow at home if you wanted to try it.
I have some very large Cherokee purple tomatoes I'm expecting to ripen soon.
Here is five minute bread rising. I make this bread almost everyday. Store bought bread is a thing of the past in my family. If you'd like to try this really easy bread click here.
Bruschetta is a simple snack you can make from your garden tomatoes.
Simple Bruschetta
Slices of homemade bread
Slices of tomato
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Pour a little olive oil in a plate. Dip one side of each slice of bread in the olive oil. Place olive oil side up on a cookie sheet. Top each slice of olive oil bread with a slice of tomato. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Then broil until Parmesan is completely melted.


Melba said...
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JeanSkirtGirl said...

dear sister kristi I try that befor when I came over and I loveee it!!! I am at camp with kassdiy and I am having so much fun we miss u love carmencita keep up the great work grarden

Egghead said...

I am terribly behind on reading and writing. Finally things are calming down a bit. My father in law passed away and now the memorial service is finally over and family have gone home. Mostly. Just a few more to go.
I am now caught up on your writing and oh Kristi I am simply amazed by all the great things you are harvesting right now. The first of your tomatoes are looking so good and the jam and corn to die for. The squash are not my favorites here but my husband loves it so we eat quite a bit of it. We are way behind you right now of course so harvesting has not begun. Except my lettuce. Yum.

Betsy said...

congrats on finally getting tomatoes!!! You can rub Dan's nose in tomato paste now...hehe


Harry said...

Can you use just whole wheat flour with this bread recipe?

Kristi said...


Yes, I've used just wheat and it turned out fine.

James, Andrea, and Clara Smith said...

Oh my! I LOVE fresh pickles, tomatoes toasted with cheese, and fresh bread. Mmm! I'll have to keep coming back to read your blog.